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 I am currently OPEN for commissions!


Treat yo'self to an exhilarating adventure—where you get to be the star.

Visit undiscovered realms, uncharted planets, and fantastical worlds. Meet your fictional heroes and your real-life icons. Find lost treasures and solve unfathomed mysteries. If you can imagine it, I can help you bring it to life.


A bespoke poem or short story also makes a dazzling gift.

I'd love to help you show your loved ones how much they mean to you with a completely original expression of your feelings, created just for them.


A few ideas to get you started


Gifts of prose:

  • The story of how you met, through your eyes.

  • The story of how you met, through your eyes, but in space.

  • A daring Atlantean adventure with you both as the heroes.

  • A glamorous dinner with their silver-screen crush.*

  • You and your friends in 50 years, as contented old people living on the Moon.


Gifts of poetry:

  • A sonnet dedicated to someone dearly missed but not forgotten.

  • An unforgettable wedding toast, wishing the spouses-to-be well on their voyage together.

  • A message of love and support to someone recovering from illness or addiction.

  • An invocation of protection and new life makes a unique birth or transition gift.

  • An ode to your friend's badass hair or your lover's incredible eyebrows


Just for you:

  • Immerse yourself in your own daydream.
    You know, that one. The one you've always wanted to do but couldn't, because you were too busy/ skydiving is expensive/ time travel hasn't been invented yet.

  • Gift yourself the love note you've always wanted.
    You're worth it, dammit. Get your very own love poem, romantic relationship optional.

  • No judgement. I promise I won't laugh.
    This is a safe space (read my Disclaimer below on how I keep it that way!). I do reserve the right to publish all work, but I won't use any personally identifying information without your consent.


Prices as low as $30

(Cheaper than hiking Everest)

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Get in touch

Drop me a message at for more info and an e-mail consultation.

At least 50% of profits to a racial justice organisation to be determined (feel free to suggest one).




I will not accept commissions that:


  • Depict sexual encounters of any kind.
    If it's erotic fiction you're after, there are loads of great writers who do offer that- I'm just not one of them!

  • Depict graphic or gratuitous violence.

  • Involve coercive or non-consensual romantic encounters, or those involving minors.
    This includes romantic encounters with real people who would not consent to them. Celebrities by discretion.

  • Perpetuate transphobia, queerphobia, misogyny, racism, ablism or oppression of any kind.
    I reserve the right to define those terms.

  • Are intended to stalk, harass, or intimidate any individual.
    If my work is used in this way, I will cooperate fully with the victim and provide any information required to bring them justice.