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In past lives Arsha has been involved with graphic design, healthcare support, customer service, queer healthcare activism, and the free education movement. They've lived in a car, in the clouds, and on several sofas at once. Currently, they live in a house full of rabbits. They're extremely proud of their relentlessly supportive chosen family.




Their poetry is frequently confessional, exploring topics of chronic illness, trauma and cultural alienation. Their Ghazal for the New Normal was nominated for a 2020 Best of the Net Award.

Arsha's short fiction dabbles in the strange. They often blend Desi mythological motifs with their own flavour of weirdness, creating stories that fuse the mythologies of their heritage with the societies they grew up in.

Their creative nonfiction uses unexpected—and sometimes surreal—moments of truth to hold a mirror to the interesting times we live in.They often find themself wondering did that really just happen?

Read their full published works here


Not Writing

The Mania systems logo.

Arsha is a moderator and co-creator of Mania Systems, a space for independent, underground, and non-traditional artists & creatives to share their work, meet each other, and collaborate. They also created all the art throughout the site.